Chloe Hall

Hi, I’m Chloe! I am primarily a watercolour artist who experiments with lots of other materials such as coloured pencil, collage and gouache. I like to focus a lot on colour as I find that colour choices can have a big affect on how the audience perceives your work. I love working with complementary colours as they work together in giving my work the most attention and an overall fun environment. I like working with mixed media as I enjoy the unique textures I can create which gives my work more movement and interest.

︎: Chloelouillustration
︎: Chloelouillustration
︎: Chloelouillustration

I do however also enjoy experimenting with new themes as I prefer keeping my mind active and giving myself new challenges.I mainly like to keep along the theme of flora and fauna as I am particularly passionate about animals. This is down to being brought up with various different animals from dogs to rodents to reptiles. Animals make me happy so I try to radiate this energy into my artwork and give my viewers the same uplifting energy.

Cargo Collective 2021