Hazel Lawton

Hi my name is Hazel Lawton I am inspiring to be a stop-motion animator and puppet maker, from an early age I was obsessed with films like Jason and the Argonauts and TV shows like Trapdoor this led me to constantly messing and sculpting with plasticine and clay making figurines and puppets. Also, I enjoy painting at any scale small/large, on walls, cupboards, cabinets (literally paint on anything) I enjoy illustrating cartoon characters (sometimes with a twist) and have 10 years previous experience as a printer and sign maker.

In the past I have named myself the Queen of make do and mend as most of my creations are from recycled materials, for example all the puppets I’ve made are from old clothes and unwanted soft toys. I can usually make something from nothing, now I’m turning my dream into a reality of making my creations come to life through the medium of stop-motion animation.

︎: hazelawt@gmail.com
︎: Haze Art
︎: @hazeart88
︎: HazelLawtonArt
︎: @HazeArt88

Cargo Collective 2021