Leanne Fearon

Hi my name is Leanne Fearon, I am a digital artist who works using the ProCreate App on my iPad Pro 12.9” with a 2ndGeneration Apple Pencil. I enjoy creating character designs and then creating little worlds for them to live in. I enjoy 90s grunge and boho aesthetics, and this heavily influences my designs. I am also inspired by music and film.

︎: fearonillustration@gmail.com
︎: @washed_inblack


Additionally, I enjoy poster design; working out compositions that are visually appealing whilst incorporating typography. As part of my final project for this course, I decided to combine my character design and poster design skills by making posters for a select number of female characters within the Greek Mythos. Creating designs to explore adding textures into digital art, an otherwise flat medium.

Cargo Collective 2021