Lucy Christian

Hi, I’m Lucy and I am an aspiring Surface Designer who takes inspiration from all aspects of the world around us. I tend to create motifs inspired by nature as I am particularly interested in the twists and turns of branches, and use these to give direction to my patterns. I also love animals, stationery and flowers and I use each of these things to inspire my work in different ways whether it be the motifs themselves or what kind of product I am designing.

︎: @threepoundten

In order to start designing my patterns, I research the future and current trends in pattern design and interior design. This helps to ensure my repeats are relevant and attractive to a range of audiences.

Mixing both traditional and digital media, I create my seamless repeats using gouache and watercolours before uploading them to Adobe Photoshop or Procreate to edit them and check that they repeat nicely.

Cargo Collective 2021